Scariest Places

Scariest Places

Written by JC Phillips
Investigator/ Tech

“OMG!  You hunt ghosts!?  Where is the scariest place you’ve ever been?”

As a paranormal investigator, you will hear that question a lot… So, to ‘rank’ our top investigations, each team member listed their top three investigations and why… Then we combined them into the following list.

10. Rockwell Cemetery – LaSalle, IL

We had  a day visit to this historic cemetery… Something weird happened.  We’ll reveal that at the Hegeler Carus Presentation on October 25th at 7pm.  Get details here.


9. Peek-a-Boo House (private residence) – Seneca, IL

The homeowners had several weird happenings, from crazy dreams to voices and full body apparitions in their home.  We captured EVP’s and were able to communicate in the front room of the house with K2, and even captured what appears to be a face enter the left frame of a window (hence the name ‘peek-a-boo”) watch at :21 to :30 seconds into the video.

8. 9th Street Pub – LaSalle, IL

Legend has it… The lady who lived next door and hated all the noise and traffic from the bar… now haunts the place.  Why?  Well, after she died, the owner of the bar bought her house and converted it into a game room.  Hah.  Ultimate revenge… Right?   Not exactly.  Lilian still shows up on occasion.  Actually, she’s been kicking around quite a bit lately.  We may be heading back soon.

What did we encounter?  Footsteps in the game room… crazy ghostbox session in the basement… and a light anonoly.

houseofangels7. House of Angels (private residence) – Joliet, IL

This private residence produced a photo, which we call the 3 angels, and hence labeled this location “The House of Angels.”  We’ve visited this location at least 4 times, and our experience is completely different each time.  The first visit produced the photo and the several EVP’s heard here.


6. Anna Maria’s (closed) – Princeton, IL. 

The owner of this former pizza joint downtown Princeton would routinely experience both dark and friendly energies within this location.  We were able to witness some of the strange occurrences with her during this investigation.  Listen to the audio here.


5.  Slated Lady (private residence) – Joliet, IL

This old Victorian home (a slated house… hence the name) has been a great location for us…  Several EVPs and even a full body apparition (witnessed by one of our team members.)

4. Chicago Boys and Girls Club – Chicago, IL 

Chicago Paranormal Nights’ Ed Shanahan introduced us to the Chicago Boys and Girls Club.  Our first visit there was one we will never forget.  One of Ed’s guests picked up on the energy of a little girl.  We had just moved into a new room, and a man walked in and said to one of our team members, “Are you Anna?”  She replied, “Yes.”  “There’s a little girl here who is upset that you didn’t play with her, and so she followed you in here.”  He then proceeded to say specific things about what we had just done in another room, with no one around.

Additionally, we have all had personal experiences at this location, from chills to whispers to shadow figures.  We have encountered the little girl spirit each time we visit.  Also, we typically have equipment malfunction in the caretaker’s apartment as well as K2 hits and EMF readings. We also captured an interesting photo during Ed’s Circle of Energy, see below.


3. Blue Star Auto/Cullerton Hotel (closed) – Chicago, IL

Two crazy experiences in our two visits to the former Cullerton Hotel in Chicago.  First, former team member Anna experienced a blue mist which she documented in this blog post.  On our second visit, Karla and Jennie were able to communicate with a spirit using dowsing rods.  This experience was extremely emotional for both of them, and they still have a hard time talking about what happened in that room.

scuttimage2. Hiram B. Scutt Mansion (closed) – Joliet, IL

A beautiful mansion in the “barbville” disctrict of historic Joliet, the Hiram B. Scutt Mansion provided us with two very wild investigations.  The first, in 2008, left us with a demonic EVP captured in the basement of the home.  Our second trip in November of 2012, started off wild, with movement from an upstairs window.   Later, a ghostbox hit in an upstairs dollroom and a personal experience in the ballroom.

1. Waverly Hills Sanitorium – Louisville, KY

We are so excited to share the data captured from our May 2014 visit.  See us on Saturday, October 25th at Hegeler Carus Mansion in LaSalle for our reveal.

This hospital designed for treating tuberculosis, is listed as one of the most haunted locations in the world.  Visit their website.

Our team has investigated twice, with some members going back almost every opportunity they get.  You are pretty much guaranteed to see shadow figures luring the halls, hear strange voices and get weird feelings.

JC Phillips

October 21st, 2014

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  1. Scariest location would have to be The Morse Mill Hotel in Morse Mill, Missouri USA and Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati, Ohio USA

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