Making a Playlist

Making a Playlist

Halloween 2015 was a blast… Extreme Vision Paranormal visited three cities and spoke to over 200 people in the two weeks leading up to Halloween.  We appreciate the support of community, especially the Hegeler Carus Foundation and the Peru Library… which keep inviting us back… year after year.  And… thank you to everyone who keeps coming back for new stuff… and to the new faces we see every year.

I will be posting new audio, photos and videos – plus case files – from the following investigations:

  • Hassler Tavern – Princeton, IL
  • Old South Pittsburg Hospital – South Pittsburg, TN
  • Lullaby House (private investigation) – Northern IL

I recently added videos from Waverly Hills, Massock Mausoleum – Spring Valley, IL and Chicago Boys and Girls Club… Look for case files to be added shortly.

Recently… While compiling all of this… It reminded me of the joy I used to get putting together the perfect mix tape.  My children will never really understand the painstaking process of carefully selecting the right songs… getting that blank cassette and plopping it into the double cassette boombox.   Cueing up the cassette in the top deck to the right song.. then clicking the ‘dub’ button.

Now… I just build it in Spotify.  Enjoy.

JC Phillips

November 17th, 2015

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