Supernatural Saturday Night

/ Oct

Supernatural Saturday Night

Chicago, IL
Valentine Chicago Boys and Girls Club
07:00 pm
Tickets Available

Fundraiser for the Valentine Boys & Girls Club
Exclusive to Edward Shanahan

Huge 44,000 sq ft. paranormal active building built in 1938 with 3 floors. Each floor is like a maze of hallways and rooms. It is the home to friendly spirits.and the paranormal activity others have experienced. The largest haunted location in Chicago that you can explore.

Located at 3400 S. Emerald Ave; Chicago, IL
( 1 block North of the White Sox baseball field)

A Supernatural night and explore and experience the building and Spirits. Built in 1938. It is home to the friendly spirits of the past as experienced by others.

In Oct. 2012 Edward Shanahan and a group of individuals held a paranormal night at the location that was enjoyed by everyone with great results.

(Visit Comment section to read about the experiences)

Could it be Mr. Valentine? Spirits of those who cared for the building and lived in the now empty (since the 1970’s), apartment on the top floor? Or the Spirits of those club members who enjoyed the huge building and all it offered throughout the years? Or the Spirits of those who worked at the club in the past?

You will have the opportunity to explore and experience the huge 44,000 sq ft. building of three floors with each floor being like a maze of hallways and
rooms. It is so large, that it even has a huge bomb shelter in one of the areas in the basement.

This Fundraiser is only $15 for the Supernatural Night

* Edward Shanahan reserves the right to refuse any person’s reservation and will refund them their reservation fee… …

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