Investigation of Pollak Hospital

Investigation of Pollak Hospital
03 Jun 2016 Friday
04 Jun 2016 Saturday

Investigation of Pollak Hospital

Bartonville, Illinois
Pollak Hospital
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team investigation

E.V.P. heads to Bartonville, Illinois to investigate the ‘haunted infirmary’ of the Pollak Hospital.

From Ghost Research,

“The asylum was completed in 1902 under the direction of Dr. George Zeller who was truly a pioneer of the mental health institution of the day. He revolutionized the humane treatment of the sick and elderly. It was opened up as Peoria State Hospital, as Peoria was the largest nearby city. In total there were thirty-three buildings to serve the community.

Pollak Hospital was added to the complex in 1949 and was used to treat the many tuberculosis patients. The northern wing was for the female patients while the southern wing house the many male patients. Many people came down with this incurable disease and the deaths sometimes numbered 4-5 a day. The bulk of the patients were eventually housed in tents to try to stem the spread of this very contagious disease. These “tent colonies,” as they were called, remained until Dr. Zeller left this facility in 1913.”