Investigation of Ashmore Estates

Investigation of Ashmore Estates
07 May 2016 Saturday
08 May 2016 Sunday

Investigation of Ashmore Estates

Ashmore, Illinois
Ashmore Estates
team investigation

E.V.P. makes the trek to Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, Illinois.

Details from Ghost Research,

“This former almshouse, once part of the Coles County Poor Farm, was built in 1916 and operated until 1959, when it was purchased by Ashmore Estates, Inc. for use as a private psychiatric care facility. Ashmore Estates closed in 1987 and stood abandoned until 2006, when it was opened as a commercial haunted house.

From 1857 until 1869, the Coles County Poor Farm was located in Charleston Township near the small town of Loxa, Illinois. In 1870, the county purchased 260 acres from A. N. Graham in Section 35 of Ashmore Township for a new farm, which sat astride the Indianapolis & St. Louis Railroad. This small timber and brick building, constructed by H. B. Truman, was the first to sit on that property. It was 38×58 feet and two stories tall, with an attached kitchen. The initial superintendent or “Overseer of the Poor” of the county farm was Oliver D. Hawkins, who immigrated to Coles County from Kentucky in 1841.

Many of the inmates died at the farm, and the county maintained a small cemetery somewhere north of the grounds. In 1879, Joshua Ricketts, superintendent of the county farm at the time, had recorded 32 deaths out of the roughly 250 inmates who had stayed at the farm between 1870 and 1879. Another pauper cemetery, established a few years later, still exists south of Route 16 and now contains the graves of between sixty to one hundred persons.”