Jennie Butler

Jennie Butler
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Jennie Butler
Denver, Co
Case Manager
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I have always been skeptical of all things paranormal. When my husband Gary joined an actual Ghost hunting group I laughed like he__! I would listen to his descriptions of the hunts and listen to his supposed EVPs and still push it off as a huge joke. What changed my mind was when a beloved sibling passed. The evening he passed several events occurred that I could not explain. I am not laughing anymore.

I became an active member of local group in July/Aug 2008. At that time I stepped into the case manager position. I resigned from that position in Feb 2009. Still wanting to investigate suspected paranormal occurrences I along with my husband created Extreme Vision Paranormal. To bring an explanation paranormal or not to individuals looking for answers to these occurrences is one of my goals as a Case Manager. The skeptic that still resides in me appreciates the fact that not every event, occurrence, photo or EVP is validated as paranormal activity. What is validated is of exceptional quality. I am proud to be associated with an ethical, professionally skilled group such as Extreme Vision Paranormal.