JC Phillips

JC Phillips
Birth name
Jeremy C. Heerdt
Rock Falls, IL
Tech Specialist
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Funny… Everyone seems to have experiences as a child… I guess I did too… Plus, I just like watching the paranormal shows on TV… and crack up at how overly dramatic the Ghost Adventure guys on Travel Channel get… But, at least it’s step up from British TV’s Most Haunted. So, yeah… I guess I’m just a ghost hunter/investigator fan. I’m a former radio DJ in LaSalle/Peru/Ottawa on 99.3 WAJK/ 96.5 The Wolf, which is where Gary heard me chatting about haunted sites… and introduced me to Extreme Vision Paranormal. I’m new at this.. But, I bring a boatload of A/V knowledge. And, I bring my wife, Heidi, cause she’s really good at taking pictures. Seriously, I have about 30 gigs of pictures on my hard drive… before you get too excited.. nothing paranormal… unless pictures of my kids painting on the wall or breaking things around the house classifies as “the unexplained”.

email: jcphillips@thedeadspeak.net