Gary Butler

Gary Butler
Birth name
Gary Butler
Wilmington, IL
Lead Investigator, Equipment Manager
Years active

As a child, I had several paranormal experiences at my grandparents house which consisted of objects moving and doors slamming shut and then slowly opening. I even had an imaginary older friend named Allen. I didn’t find out till I was much older that my uncle of the same name died as a teenager from a tragic accident. The experiences intrigued me, but eventually I grew out of it or learned to live with it.

I reconnected with the paranormal after seeing ghost hunting programs on T.V. I thought that would be an interesting and fun thing to be involved in. After searching the Internet. I became a member of a local group and with my work experience, I became their DVR Technician. As a member, I had several experiences with the paranormal, including being touched on two different occasions. In February 2009 I left this group because of differences in opinions. I still wanted to investigate and help people understand the paranormal better, so decided to form Extreme Vision Paranormal.

Every member of Extreme Vision Paranormal brings an important quality to the group. I believe that one person can not do everything and by working together as a TEAM (notice there is no i) the group can move forward into a promising future. I look forward to many years working with and expanding Extreme Vision Paranormal into an exceptional organization.