Ghost Hunters Vs. Ghost Adventures, Who’s fake?

January 7, 2012 in ParaVlog

While there are many Paranormal shows on the waves now days Ghost hunters and ghost adventures are definitely the top dogs of the Paranormal T.V arena. But often times we find that a fan of one show hates the other vice verse. So the question arises….Who is the one who takes the prize as the best on television? And what do we take from these shows as Paranormal enthusiast and paranormal investigators?

Well, I have got news for you. They are both fake, While I can not prove this and don’t care to. I would say to any paranormal investigator it is pretty obvious. Now does this mean that we should prep the gallows and rage? No! This is the way I look at it. While the shows are reality t.v and they definitely insinuate that they are real we should understand that this is television and there is not anything real on television these days. Both of the groups in question I am sure are under very strict contracts that do not enable them to reveal such things but it isn’t them we should be questioning. Ask your self,since when is it a good idea to seek facts from anything that is attempting to gain money from you? When an advertisement says that “kids love it” do you rush out and purchase it because the t.v said so?, Didn’t think so. I do hate the image that they give us real “ghost hunters” but at the same time I feel bad. I am sure these guys had or have a genuine interest in the paranormal but the big check and spotlights drew them into Hollywood like a bug into the bug zapper on a humid summer night. Now they are legally bound and I am sure financially to do as the “man” says or else. You claim that your integrity is better but we all have our families and our own financial situations so don’t be so quick to toot your horn. So with that said, I don’t hold any of they’re actions against any of them.

I still have not crowned the king. Honestly I was brought into this field and influenced to be Kind,professional,open minded, and skeptical by Ghost Hunters. While they are not what they appear they do represent us well and for that reason alone they get the crown. Ghost adventures is targeted for a much younger group of people and that’s why they run around and spend more time emphasizing they’re personalities rather than the investigation….watch the shows and you will see what I mean.

Now if I was a 14 year old girl Ghost adventures would be king due to Zak’s muscles and haircut…..Jason Hawes has lost a lot of weight but Zak’s got the crazy 14 year old fan base on lock down and Young girls + internet = 0wnage. But when the Zombie apocalypse comes Me and Jason will be slaughtering the undead while Zak’s getting mauled by 14 year old girl zombies.