Extreme Vision Paranormal is a group of professional investigators based out of Northern Illinois that has been researching the paranormal collectively for over ten years all over the United States.

If you feel you have paranormal activity in your home or business, Extreme Vision Paranormal will conduct a free investigation that may give you proof of the paranormal or a logical explanation of what is happening.  After the investigation, you will receive history of the location (when possible) and a DVD of the data from the investigation.

Need Help?

If you believe you are being haunted, and need assistance, please contact Case Manager Jennie Butler on the E.V.P. Hotline – 815.341.3329

Mission Statement:

Our vision is to help the world understand and acknowledge the paranormal.  We have done many investigations in homes and businesses which have helped the clients feel comfortable and gain insight to their specific situation.  Our focus as a group is not to compete with others for the best evidence, but to network and help people and groups whenever we can.
Extreme Vision Paranormal does not cleanse homes, or use ouiji boards in our investigations.  We will absolutely not say a location is haunted based on feelings.